Nixxie: Maximize your online income with contextual advertising

Nixxie enables websites to boost online income with precisely targeted Internet advertising from leading providers such as Yahoo and Miva. Our service is a win-win-win for international web publishers, advertisers and end users.

Websites enjoy online advertising that exactly matches their content or their users searches. They make more money online thanks to higher click through rates and our strong buying power with advertisers.

Advertisers reach precise audiences with highly targeted pay per click campaigns.

End users read specific, detailed advertisements for the exact products they want from local advertisers.

Nixxie's contextual advertising is delivered by our unique, proprietary, pay per click software. Many companies use "contextual" to describe general content match Internet advertising based on broad categories. But our learning-based system delivers precise online advertising that exactly matches a website's content.

This leads to a higher click through rate on PPC adverts and more online income for web publishers.

And our scalable platform means we provide the highest levels of performance and customer service as we quickly add large numbers of new customers to our network.

Nixxie launched services in 2005 as a superior PPC ad solution to the more broadly based and less-targeted Google AdWords. To this day we remain one of the world's few genuinely contextual advertising companies.

Nixxie has strategic partnerships with companies such as Yahoo, Miva and Kelkoo. Based in London, we were finalists in the UK's prestigious Fast Growth Business Awards in 2007.

Our vision: "To be a leading, cutting edge contextual advertising company that delivers relevant, accountable, cost-effective and revenue-generating Internet advertising services to advertisers, publishers and consumers."

Contact us: Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding any issues or queries with Nixxie Search. Our team is always at hand to respond to any questions. We try our best to reply within 24 hours.


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Nixxie Ltd
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By phone: 0870 445 0565


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